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Satin and Lace is the one to Chase - Satin and Lace Lingerie

Satin and Lace is the lingerie to chase! A mixture of satin and lace just seems to stop anyone in their tracks. Is that mixture of class and seduction that everyone is drawn to. Checkout our selection of lingerie pieces that have that fun mixture of satin and lace!
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Black Lace and Satin Emerald Chemise
Available in Standard and Plus Size. They are both great sellers, because who doesn't love an emerald green hugged by black lace? Dress it up with some sexy thigh highs and your favorite jewelry. The satin center panels pulls this set together. The ruffle hem and emerald satin bows complete this chemise set.

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Heart and Soul Satin and Lace Chemise
Red as the bleeding hearts of the broken hearted, this chemise features red satin with black lace overlay. The ribbon and satin bows dress this lingerie set up. Available from Small through 5X. A favorite that you will definitely want as part of your collection!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Costume Photoshoot with Candyland Lingerie

Merry Christmas from Candyland Lingerie!

All the models with the owners of Candyland Lingerie and the Clydesdale and Donkey from The Covered Bridge Ranch

So here's a fun post for you guys. A couple weeks ago, my good friend, Austine, sent me a text. You would really like her, she's very down to earth and serious about her goals. Anyway, she is going to school to be a photographer. You should seriously see this chick in action, she's way creative! Part of Austine's class assignment is they want them to think like a photographer. So in their classes, they are assigned as a travel photographer doing pieces within their town. Austine was asked to do a photoshoot of a local business in her town. So she chose us!

Behind the Scenes of the photoshoot
I was psyched! Heck yeah we want to do a photoshoot! Immediately, our gears started turning and one idea led to another. I posted on my personal Facebook for some friends that wanted to model in our Christmas Costumes. Not professional models and I didn't care what size or age they were to help us push our Real Women Movement. The slots filled within a matter of minutes. We had dress rehearsal shortly after, which also gave the girls a chance to get to know each other before the shoot. We figured out what girls wore what, and Austine informed them of the details.

A couple days later was the day of the photoshoot! Jessica at the Estee Lauder make-up counter inside of Bealls was so helpful and detailed. While there wasn't anybody scheduled for that day/time of the photoshoot, 2 women from the make-up counter worked around our schedule. It was amazing to see them come together like that. The models showed up for their make-up and the ladies at Estee Lauder worked their magic.

Photoshoot time came and all the models looked beautiful. It was snowing through the whole shoot. We met up at The Covered Bridge Ranch. They have a pumpkin patch for Halloween and Tree Farm at Christmas time. They have a ton of activities around the Holidays. They were amazing to work with. Austine set it all up. I was very impressed!

 As part of Candyland Lingerie's Real Women Movement, we want to push real women doing some pretty awesome things.

I want to start with Maggi because we started with her individual photos. Her red hair inspired us to put her in our Rudolph Romper, Jingle Bell Tutu, Red/White Deluxe Santa hat, and we accessorized with the Nude colored Kix'ies Thigh Highs, and the 517-Claissa Velvet Booties. Maggi is very fun, young-hearted, and she knows how to have fun on a photoshoot. We took some great shots of her. You would never guess she has a baby at home whom she still nurses!

Lyndi works at a local salon. She also helps with many church events and her, her husband, and her little girl are on a waiting list to adopt! Lyndi is a very chill person. She is very fun, and is happy to try different poses to get a great shot. We chose the Metallic Candy Cane Dress for her specifically because of her hair. We accessorized with the Black Kix'ies Thigh High with Back Seam and our Sexy Plush Santa High Heels. If I didn't know any better, I would think they were made just for her!

Mellanie works for a local dentist and she has 4 kids! 1 pair of twins. You wouldn't have guessed, right? She wore our Snowman Mini Dress and Snowman Hood. We paired the outfit with our White Polka Dot Kix'ies Thigh Highs and the Silver Glitter Bettie Page High Heels.

Michaela played the part of The Grinch really well! We put her in our brand new Christmas Grouch Hooded Romper Costume and paired her with the fabulous Argyle Kix'ies Thigh Highs. We put her in Black Leather Knee High Boots to bring together the "bad girl" look. Austine made her look sneaky or naughty in all the shots to bring the character to life.

We laughed a lot. We wandered into the barn where The Covered Bridge Ranch usually holds Wreath Decorating and took a few pictures in there. We had the ladies tie up the grinch! They had just about enough of her naughty behavior!

It turned into an awesome day, and it was great to get to know the ladies in a fun, playful environment!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Candyland Lingerie team!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Color Your World with The Color Dash 5K!

The Color Dash 5K Candyland Lingerie
attended in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Life is full of fun, life and color!! Especially if you're living it with an open heart. We've had the pleasure of speaking with Zach Olson, President of The Color Dash. If you're not familiar with The Color Dash, then let us enlighten you! It's a family-friendly event that welcomes all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities to run, skip, or walk an untimed 5K. Throughout the dash at each kilometer, color is thrown at you!

Sounds fun, right? So we decided to do it ourselves this year in Grand Junction, Colorado! We had so much fun at this event that we reached out to Zach Olson, the President of this Color Dash.

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 "We started to raise money for a suicide prevent film called To Say Goodbye. We then saw a need for Fun Fundraising for charities and now we partner with local charities in each city we go to with over 200 races this year across the country." Zach tells Candyland Lingerie. "We have partnered with Girls on theRun for a race in Grand Junction, Colorado and now we are bringing it to Montrose, Colorado as well,".
Color Dash also has fun runs that involve bubbles and UV Splash.

 "The Color Dash is a daytime event where participants get hit with a colored powder at each station with a big color explosion at the end. The UV splash is where you get hit with UV infused water and glow under the black lights than at the end we have a large UV splash. The bubble bash is with foam machines where all the participants run through foam stations."

 Candyland Lingerie highly suggests registering for these events in your area and helping a good cause. We had a blast running at these events and hope you can have as much fun as we did!

Here are some fun accessories you can use during the dashes!

White Polka Dot Kix'ies Thigh Highs

Athletic Knee High Socks
Rainbow Tutu

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shame on You for Body Shaming - Featuring Ruby Roxx and Cherry Dollface

It's sad that there has to be so many Body Positive Movements out there to help women get over the body shamers. started the #RealWomenMovement and is trying to get it into motion to help women know they're not alone and mean words are simply just that... words.

One of the pictures the community page used with
hateful captions and comments.
 Recently, there has been a community page on Facebook that has been photoshopping pictures of plus size models into smaller sizes with captions such as "Less weight, less fabric needed to clothe you!" and "She looks so much better!" Other posts consist of angry-directed face posts such as "I've been receiving so many messages and comments...from skinny HATERS..." and "I AM HERE TO HELP THESE MISGUIDED WOMEN!" and hateful posts that we chose not to publish. This page is hating against everyone who is Skinny Shaming and in return, they are body shaming bigger sizes.

No publicity is bad publicity as they say, which is why we decided not to use the name of this specific community page in this article. There are thousands of websites, pages, and even unhappy people out there body shaming one size or another... so this article is meant for all body shaming pages or websites out there making women feel bad about themselves.

Ruby Roxx, a plus size model located in Van Couver, ended up on this community Facebook page.

"At first I thought, what the hell?!" Ruby answered when we asked about it. "I have never been small framed, so for me to look like the altered image would mean I was deathly ill or not eating,"

Ruby Roxx's picture that was taken and used on the community
 Facebook page to body shame her.
Ruby Roxx opens up about her anxiety and depression which is something she never has done before. Being open and honest about these things doesn't make a person weak, but actually makes them stronger because it takes more courage to admit you have these things.

"It's never easy to hear negative things about yourself or things you cannot change," Ruby tells us. "I suffer from depression and anxiety and this really threw me into a downward spiral,"

Lucky for Ruby, she has a strong support system and thousands of people who look up to her and admire her beautiful pictures. Her profession is a model and body shamers can still make her feel bad about herself. So Candyland Lingerie asked how she pushes through it to help these girls who don't know how to move forward from it.

"This is the first time I spoke about my anxiety and depression publicly," she tells us but feels it will help girls out there who suffer from the same feelings. "People who suffer from these issues cannot simply just pull themselves together. Seeing the hateful comments on my picture such as "Disgusting" put me into a deep, downward spiral, and to be honest, I'm still not really over it,"

Ruby's support system includes her boyfriend, family, friends and even her Facebook fans.

She worked at putting an end to this page once she found it and all her hard work and determination paid off. The pages were removed.

"Yes, that page was expressing their opinion, but at what cost? What they were doing, simply put, is cyber bullying and it needs to stop,"

Ruby Roxx during one of her Pin-Up Photoshoots by Pin-Up Perfection Photography

"They not only shame women for their bodies but also their lack of potential, how happy they think they would be if they were slimmer, how they would look younger, or be more successful. That is crap. I reminded myself that looking a certain way doesn’t equal all these things, and I am doing JUST fine in the body that I am in.  I reminded myself of all I had accomplished, all the wonderful things in my life, and most importantly, all the things I love about myself."

Ruby is not only a successful plus size model, but she also owns Beauty Mark Magazine, a magazine created to help people everywhere realize their own unique beauty, and that beauty comes in all shapes, and sizes, and isn't just restricted to the idealized forms of beauty most of us see in main stream media all over the world. Yeah... I'd say she is doing JUST fine in the body that she is in. Way to go, Ruby!

Cherry Dollface
"The thing is, there's always going to be assholes. There just is," Bluntly said by public figure and the queen of pin-up hair and make-up tutorials (see her YouTube Channel Here), Cherry Dollface. "There's always going to be bullies. But the best thing the bullied can do is to turn it around. Get strength from those people. If they tell you you can't do something, do it 12 times better. If they tell you you are worthless, show them your worth. I got bullied growing up a ton and I took all of that pain and insecurity and I let it fuel me and make me stronger. Now it's all of those same bullies that try to friend me on Facebook because now they think I am cool and I get the sweet feeling of hitting the deny button. If you let them get you down, you are letting them win!"

That Shaming Community Page had hurtful comments such as She could eat a few less cheeseburgers!
"I don't think anyone has the right to comment on anyone else's size, shape, height, weight, sex, or anything else that isn't their business." Cherry Dollface tells Candyland Lingerie. "I think the same is true if someone saw a skinny girl and said she needed to eat more cheeseburgers. They need to focus on themselves and figure out why they feel the need to judge others so harshly."

Cherry Dollface posts a "Deed of the Week" on her Facebook page to help spread the kindness. We asked her what she hopes to accomplish by posting it.

"Just hoping that people will be a little bit nicer and more thoughtful. There are already enough assholes out there"

Cherry's official Facebook page also posts "Before and After" pictures, but they are along some very different lines.
A screen shot from the official Cherry Dollface Facebook page. A before picture showing them before
Cherry gives them a make over and an after picture with their pin-up style make-up and hair finished. All
completed with a positive and feel-good caption.
So ladies, stay strong and stick to a strong support system... even seek professional help if needed. There will always be mean people out there but those are the people who are fighting with some hateful feelings within themselves.

Help us spread the love and kick start our movement by putting #RealWomenMovement in the caption of your pictures and let's change the view of society... or at least help save a life or two!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Baby Got Feedback! - Elegant Moments Lingerie

The Summer is slipping away and so is year 2015. Hard to believe, isn't it? So I feel this blog post would behoove you to learn about one of our best selling lines, Elegant Moments.
[Good Lord, did she just say behoove? Go ahead... google it... I'll wait...]
 This collection of lingerie is not only incredibly cute for any woman, but it's affordable! Their low prices make creating special moments while looking hot do-able! And THAT is why Elegant Moments is on everyone's list.

We are always receiving feedback on our products and for the most part, it's positive. We all love that kind of feedback, don't we? Part of our reviews is our customers almost didn't want to waste time or money and buy the lingerie set but went through with it anyway and was so happy that they did. We get that! Who wants to psych themselves up for some new and awesome lingerie and when they try it on it's all wrong? BOO! So let's talk about some of our most loved and favorite Elegant Moments lingerie according to our customers.

We post a lot about our Stretch Lace Cami and Booty Shorts because of its popularity. You'll want a few different pairs. Why? Because this lingerie is like a good orgasm... you don't want just one! It comes in black and red and is a One Size Standard or One Size Queen. Its stretchy material forms to different body shapes and you can wear it under just about anything... and wear it to bed, too!

Almost everyone adores polka dots! And between pin-up style and garter belts coming back into style, this Polka Dot Satin Bra and Garter Belt Set tops the cake. The shoulder straps and garter straps can be removed and the white satin bows adds that finishing touch. The matching g-string completes this 3-piece lingerie set.

Don't forget about those Teddy Lingerie Sets. They're sexy. Popular. And they will give him some serious whiplash! Our Black Lace Teddy Lingerie is truly a go-getter. This wins him over every time and will make any woman feel extremely sexy. I feel Elegant Moments did a great job accessorizing to really pull the look together and shows just how dressed up you can get.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Body Positive - Why It's Such A Hot Topic

Don't bring one body type down to bring
another type up and act like its body positive. 
Being body positive is a hot topic these days. Why is that? Because either people aren't getting it or because our world is so hopped up on women needing to look a certain way. It's human nature to be naturally cruel to each other, when what we really need to do is work on building each other up. Candyland Lingerie's Real Women Movement campaign needs to take hold, and even though some of these big corporations think they're doing us a favor in holding an "All Types of bodies" campaign, they're really not body positive. They advertise for women to be a bust size D and a size 16 or whatever -- that's not "All Bodies" and it's not body positive. What about the women who are a size 16 and wear an 'A' cup? Or they're a size 2 with AA's. It keeps going... and going... and going. Because everyone is different, and there are all types of bodies. There isn't a "One Size Fits All", and in our opinion, we're GLAD there's not!

As Ruby Roxx, plus model and Editor in Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine, puts it, "The body positive movement is a wonderful thing, but bringing one body type down to bring another up is NOT body positive. Calling a skinny girl a scrawny stick to make a plus size girl feel better is not ok. Calling a plus size girl lazy and uncaring to make a slim girl feel better is not ok. These women are our sisters, friends, daughters, and mothers."

I recently read an article stating why marriages don't work out these days. It explains that not only are people so fixated on technology (watching TV and always on their phones or reading on their iPads). They text instead of talking face to face, they can see so many people naked on the internet that having a naked "regular" significant other at home isn't that special anymore. And now we have to fight for body positivity? No wonder we're so messed up in the head thinking that skinnier is better, blemishes shouldn't exist, we shouldn't have freckles, my boobs should be bigger, my butt should be rounder, my stomach should be flatter, and I'm going to make everyone around me feel ugly so I can feel pretty.

True beauty lies within... and yeah, yeah. We've all heard that. Maybe we heard that so much that it lost its meaning. So when we say it again. We want you to really let it sink in and think about what that means. TRUE BEAUTY LIES WITHIN

Bullying in the schools are so bad; What about bullying in the adult world and even when you walk in clothing stores. You could walk in a clothing store and if they don't have a plus size section or options for the woman who can't put on weight, they might as well look at them and say, "Yeahhh, you're not welcome here. We don't sell clothes for YOUR type,". Most places have a target audience. The one thing we promised ourselves when we opened what we don't target a specific type. Or even better, we target everyone, because everyone matters and all women deserve love, respect, and to feel beautiful no matter what their size or shape.

So please continue to help us spread the word on our Real Woman Movement and remind everyone out there to stay body positive. You are enough!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kix'ies Thigh Highs - A Thigh High Revolution!

Welcome to the new revolution! Our Kix'ies Thigh Highs are not just flirty and fun; They are fashionable. They allow you your freedom. And let's face it -- these babies are a party on your legs! We were excited about how versatile they were when we tried them for ourselves. You slip them over your legs and BAMM!!! Instant hottness. You can wear Kixies with anything you would usually wear your ol' pantyhose with, but here's the kicker, er, kixer -- Wearing a longer dress or skirt these just look like full-on fashionable pantyhose. Wear them with a short style, but long enough you can't see the top band until you sit down. OR you can wear them with short shorts or a mini skirt or dress and show off the full band. The best part about these Kix'ies are they are too darn adorable to ever be slutty! Sexy and fun is the true definition of these thigh highs.
Silicone-Grip Band being
used as a headband.

When your Kix'ies have had enough, you don't have to throw them away like you would other tights. You can cut off the silicone-grip band and use it as a stay-in-place headband! Seriously--we weren't just kidding about these things being versatile

Here's my favorite part about them. When you wear your Kix'ies to work, date night, a night out on the town with the girls, or something as random as a baby shower, you will forget you're wearing them until people feed you with compliments. I wore these tights out and was so comfortable and their no-slip grip was so efficient I actually was so into what was going on around me that I completely forgot I was wearing them until someone came up to me and asked about them. I even had one woman at a baby shower come up to me and say,
Wearing the Annabelle Kix'ies Thigh Highs.
 "I've been watching you this whole time to see if you fidgeted with your thigh highs and I never saw you touch them once!" She began to tell me that the thigh highs she has always falls down so she never wears them out as she's constantly pulling them up.

How is this possible that a thigh high actually stays on your legs without having to pull them up all the time? Well, I'll tell you! The strong, but gentle silicone-grip band keeps them in place and allows for there to be no muffin top. Best of all, they're built to last! Their kicky patterns are just as comfortable at work or at play.

Johnny Zapp is a man with many titles but a Kix'ies Representative is one of them. His wife, Anna, wears them a lot and she was kind enough to give us her insight on them.

"I had tried thigh-highs a few times over the years, but never had a good experience with them," she tells us. "I may have invented the term ‘muffin-top of the thighs’ based on my past experiences! I would sometimes wear normal pantyhose or tights with dresses, but they were always very constricting around my waist and would create an unflattering bulge. When Johnny first told me about Kix’ies, I was 100% skeptical of them. As soon as I got the first one on the first leg, I was a convert! The fit is nothing short of a miracle and they are so cute and comfortable.  I will never wear tights or pantyhose ever again."

Another woman helping us make this world a beautiful place! We asked Anna what kind of outfits she wears with her Kix'ies Thigh Highs.
 "Every kind!" She tells us. "I have worn them with dresses to work and other events like weddings without the band showing, I have worn them with more casual dresses with and without the band showing, and they are a very fun and sexy addition to any lingerie,"

So it's time to join the Thigh High Revolution! Candyland Lingerie carries the whole official line of Kix'ies Thigh Highs and we know you will fall in love with everything about these tights.