Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Will The Real Dessie Mitcheson Please Stand Up? - Ellie Shoes Signs On A New Model!

 We had an amazing opportunity to interview a playful, beautiful model that has wooed everyone she has come in contact with, including us! She has really stood out in the modeling industry, and has built relationships on her flirtatious and bubbly personality, along with her professional attitude. We are very thankful to have gotten an interview with Dessie Mitcheson, whom was voted as Maxim’s Hometown Hottie Champion in year 2013.

We have been familiar with Dessie, as she models a lot of our costumes and outfits you see on our website, CandylandLingerie.com. But it has really caught our attention when Ellie Shoes (a brand of sexy high heels we offer on our website) signed her on as a brand new model for their 2014 catalog and we were stunned at the amazing shots that were caught on camera.

Katie Bergman, Special Projects Executive at Ellie Shoes, told us she had the most difficult time choosing which pictures to use and edit because every photograph of Dessie was stunning.

“The owner of Ellie keeps teasing me because I developed a girl crush while having to scan thousands of images of her and pick the right one and it is completely true! She is such an exotic beauty and was such a trooper on set and has such a great personality that all I can say is they raise them well over there in Pennsylvania!” Katie told Candyland Lingerie.
Bridget Silvestri, Public Relations of Ellie Shoes, told us that when Ellie Shoes searches for a new model, they have quite the criteria that they rarely (if ever) veer away from. Not only do they need previous professional modeling experience, but they have to have a size 6 or 6.5 size foot, they need to be good with direction and good in a quick paced working environment, knows their best angles and poses, and more! With a “must have” list, Dessie Mitcheson had all that plus an “it” factor that is hard to explain.

“Some models just have it. It’s a vibe that emotes from them freely,” Silvestri tells us. “Dessie has what we refer to as the ‘Modeling DNA’ that innate in her. Dessie truly is beautiful as you can see, and she is even more so on the inside!”

When Dessie first heard Ellie Shoes was wanting to sign her on as a new model, she was very excited. She tells us, “I started wearing Ellie Shoes for bikini competitions when I first started modeling about three years ago because they made me super tall on stage and are extremely comfortable, which is hard to find in a 6 inch heel! I also became very familiar with the brand when I started working for J. Valentine Inc. and Roma Costume because they both use Ellie Shoes.”

Part of Ellie Shoes’ hiring factor is their models have to live in Southern California. Dessie moved this past July from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Southern California which is two completely different worlds.

“But I am so happy I moved!” Dessie tells CandylandLingerie.com. “There is no way I could be a fulltime model in Pennsylvania. Southern California has so much to offer, and it doesn’t hurt that the weather is perfect.”

Dessie and Ellie Shoes meshed well together during the photoshoot. Dessie told us working with Ellie Shoes was a great experience.

“The whole crew was fun and professional. I loved my hair, make-up, and wardrobe the whole day. We had an awesome location and yummy food. They definitely spoil their models!” Mitcheson tells Candyland Lingerie.

A lot of the catalog shoots Dessie models for are in a studio. She told us Ellie Shoes did their shoot in a beautiful mansion!
“It was refreshing to be on location. I also did a lot of different poses than I'm used to because it was all about showing off the shoe and not what I was wearing. For one of the shots they had me lying in a pool with my feet out of the pool to show off the fabulous shoes. It was hard to hold, but you have to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot!”

“Dessie definitely knows her angles and comes off very experienced,” Bergman tells CandylandLingerie.com. “On that same note she isn’t afraid to try new things. We may have pushed her comfort limits with a certain shot but she never told anyone no. She kept going and made every shot turn out beautiful."

We believe every photoshoot needs a funny and/or chaotic moment. We were excited to hear that the latest Ellie Shoes photoshoot for their new 2014 High Heel Collection delivered just that! With Dessie just moving to Southern California, all her contacts to everyone she is familiar with is on her cell phone. So after her last shot of the shoot, there was a bit of panic that ensued when she realized she lost it on set, and there was no sign of it after a casual search!
"We were on location shooting outside on a massive lush lot with outer buildings, a grotto and we also shot inside the main Mansion as well so there were many places to look," Silvestri tells us. “The entire crew including our CEO, Ellen, dropped what we were doing to help in the search. The stylist found it and it was a VERY happy ending to a long day!”
 Bridget Silvestri told us after they found the phone, they all hugged and it was a touching moment. “It just shows how spending one day together can bond you to each other!”
 Katie Bergman tells us about the situation, “Once Dessie found her phone she laughed it off, which again says something about her phenomenal personality!”

Dessie tells us another funny story that happened during their exceptional photoshoot. “During any shoot, you never know what might happen! I was the first person to arrive. I am always early! After everyone started to get there, we were still waiting for the hairstylist. The poor guy ended up getting a flat tire on his way to the shoot! In the end, everything worked out great… including my hair!”

CandylandLingerie.com carries over 300 different styles of Ellie Shoes, and that doesn't include the different sizes or colors, or even the growing collection we are constantly adding. You can see the Ellie Shoes Collection here.
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  1. Dessie is absolutely amazing. A fantastic person to work with and just to talk to!