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Josie Loves J. Valentine - And Why We Love Them!

Josie Stevens wearing her Sexy Unicorn Costume
from the Josie Loves J. Valentine line.
You may have heard of Josie Stevens, E! Channel's Married to Rock and wife of rock guitarist, Steve Stevens. This woman wears many hats: TV Personality, Model, Fashion Designer, host, stylist, and more! Sure, you can read that anywhere, right? What you can't read anywhere is what you're going to read in this article. We have interviewed the lovely Miss Josie herself to give you an awesome look into what this many-hat-wearer is all about, and what you can expect from her line this year!

We are associated with Josie Stevens because we carry her fashion line. You may be familiar with the Unicorn Costume and other animals, her logo swimwear, or even her rock-inspired spiked hooded vest and cage skirt. Josie Loves J. Valentine has a very interesting story behind it. It's not just a fashion line. It correlates with fun, family, and being a part of something meaningful. This is where J. Valentine Catalog comes in.

"I have been a big fan of J. Valentine for a long time," Stevens tells "I have tons of their outfits and loved them long before we started collaborating. I feel like their designs are really unique, beautiful, feminine, and innovative."
Josie and Judy showing off the
  Spun Drizzle Gown and Cage Halter.

So where did Josie Stevens and J. Valentine begin? According to Josie, it was fate!
"I had contacted them because I was looking for a certain outfit that had been discontinued and we wound up talking a bit and decided to meet up at the International Lingerie Show in Vegas since I was going to be in town for another event and had planned on coming by the show. We had an amazing chat in the booth and a week later I was in their office discussing the possibility of doing a collection together,"

"I wish we both had magic wands," Judy Valentine, founder of J. Valentine, tells Candyland Lingerie. "We could create a new line every day! We go out to dinner and by the time we're done, there's ideas popping out of our heads. She really is an inspiration for me and her sense of style is amazing. I feed off that kind of energy and it's why I love what I do."
 Valentine tells us her and Josie started brain storming designs the first day they met and they just never stopped.

Josie strutting her stuff in the Unicorn Costume
for a charity fashion shoot!
After we asked Stevens what some of her favorite outfits were from the Josie Loves J. Valentine line, we adored her answer.
"That's a hard question because I really love them all! I would never put my name to anything that I wasn't in love with- and they are all great for different occasions and I am big on dressing by whatever mood I happen to be in at that moment. The unicorn costumes are definitely close to my heart because you cannot feel anything but happy when you put that on!"
 All the pieces from the Josie Loves J. Valentine line fit a certain mood- fun, sexy, silly, maybe a bit naughty. The most loved part of the line is they really are quite versatile- lots of ways to wear the pieces and fun mix-and-match options. You can wear the full monster costume for a wild look at your next costume party, or you can combine one of the hoods with jeans and a sweater or tank top for a fun casual look, or mix and match the different pieces like the Shred Leggings, mini dresses, tutus, tanks, spiked vests... there are a million possibilities!

The designing process between Josie Stevens and Judy Valentine comes naturally to these gals! Whenever they're together, big things happen. They start by discussing different ideas- showing each other sketches they've drawn, selecting fabrics, and then go from there. 
Josie in her One-Eyed Green Monster Costume.

"To me, Tokyo is one of the most amazing places in the world- so I draw a huge amount of inspiration from the fashion scene there. I also love cartoons, retro sci-fi, rave fashion, high fashion and anything cute/girly/sparkly, but of course I have a bit of a rock 'n roll edge, so we just kinda put all of that in a blender and mix it up. For some reason, it works. Just a very over-the-top fashion fantasy land!"

The relationship between Josie and Judy isn't just business. They are good friends behind the business scene, too. Josie even tells us she spent Christmas Eve at Judy's house a few times; But even when they are working, it's always really fun.
"Ya can't be too serious when you are making fun clothes!" Stevens tells us.

Valentine described Stevens as a tornado of fun and silliness while at the same time being one of the most clever people she knows. 
 "She's serious when she needs to be and can make you fall out of your chair laughing when she doesn't," Valentine explains. "And Josie Stevens' secret? She's smart. VERY smart. Don't let the bubbles fool you!"

Josie's husband, Steve Stevens, even made an appearance in the catalog photoshoot for the Josie Loves J. Valentine line.
 "Josie and Steve are such a cool couple," Valentine tells us. "They are so sweet and genuine with each other. The cutest thing I think they do is actually when they aren't together. They send little texts and phone calls when they are apart. You can tell that even though they may have busy schedules, they think about each other all the time."
Josie showing off her Rock 'N Roll side next to her husband,
Steve Stevens.
Josie and Steve have been together about 12 years, and married for about 5 years. Josie spills the beans about the proposal. And it was incredibly sweet! She gives partial credit to Glamour Magazine's "Engagement Chicken". Rumor has it that if you make this recipe for your boyfriend, he will propose to you. Cute, right?! Josie did it! She tells us it took a couple tries before the "magic" set in, but he did wind up proposing. And we have the scoop on how he did it. Josie tells us Steve woke up one morning, rolled over and asked her if she would marry him. He said he had woken up in the middle of the night and she wasn't there (she was in the kitchen- she's a midnight snacker!) and he realized he couldn't picture living his life without her.
 "I think it was actually more romantic than a more elaborate proposal because it really came from his heart,"
 I guess that midnight snacking really pays off, Josie! And we got a romantic story out of it.

If all this wasn't enough fun and silliness for you, Josie tells us about the photo shoot for
the first Josie Loves J. Valentine catalog. She had customized a pair of ballet boots that had super high heels where you stand on the tips of your toes like a ballerina; They are not really meant for walking or standing if you know what we mean.
 "I had someone on either side of me just off camera in case I fell over, which of course I did, and as it turned out- our favorite shot was actually one right before I toppled over and you could see the arms reaching out to catch me in the picture. We decided to use it anyways and just cropped out the arms. I'm sure no one looking at the catalog would know about 2 seconds after that picture was taken I was in a pile on the floor!" Josie laughs as she tells the story and she even sneaks in a fun, "Lots of crazy things happened at our launch party/fashion show, but I wouldn't wanna reveal anyone's secrets!"

Judy Valentine tells us photo shoots can be serious, too. "It's like graduation day for your creations! We want everything to be just perfect. However, one of my favorite silly shots of Josie is from our first photo shoot. She had on her mint/white Gothic Lolita wig and was wearing my fluffy heart robe and did this crazy side kick jump, pony tails flying in the air. Still cracks me up to look at it!"

Josie Stevens and Judy Valentine.
One secret that perhaps we could reveal to our readers is what special stuff is in store for us with the new Josie Loves J. Valentine line for 2014?!!
"Judy and I are actually right in the middle of working on our new 2014 collection." Stevens tells Candyland Lingerie. "We are staying very true to our aesthetic- it's all going to be super cute and girly and fun and wild, but we are going to be incorporating a few surprises and updates to the look."
 Josie realizes that knock-off designs run rampant in this business, so she can't be too specific yet, but she promises it's going to be the best collection yet and super unique!
 "We really design for girls who want to stand out, who want something different than what they see on every other girl, because that is where we are at. I don't want to wear something safe and boring. I like to take risks and try different things and always be evolving. I can say that I literally cannot wait to wear the new pieces and I'm super excited to be able to share them with everyone soon. I hope everyone loves them as much as we do. We really put our hearts into them."

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