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Meet Erika Jordan. No Really---You'll Want To Meet Her!

Erika wearing our "Hot Pink/Black Lace Triangle Top and Shorts",
"Black Heart Net Dress Clubwear" and "709-Blossom Sandals".
Meet Erika Jordan. Remember the name, remember the face! We will be bringing this sexy model and actress around a lot more. Why you may ask?

We first met Erika on the set of The Playboy Morning Show with Andrea Lowell and Kevin Klein during our interview for a Christmas segment early December of 2013. Playboy put on a fashion runway show for all their viewers so we could show off our lingerie and Christmas costumes. Erika immediately caught our attention when she strutted her stuff in our Candy Cane Top and Skirt set by J. Valentine. She had attitude, spice, and enthusiasm. For those of you watching the show live, you may have remembered when she came out in just booty shorts that lit up ‘STUD’ in the front and flashed on and off. That’s right. Just booty shorts and sexy high heels by Ellie Shoes, and nothing else! She was confident, sexy, and she really worked it.

"Erika is a recurring model on our show and it is a pleasure to have her in every time," The Producer of the Playboy Morning Show tells Candyland Lingerie. "She is sexy, articulate, and even has a great sense of humor. We have worked with her in multiple capacities; from a host in the field to a model on our green screen shoots. She is a consummate professional and one we enjoy having back."

Since then, we stayed in contact with Miss Erika. She’s a spitfire and confident in her every move. Erika has become our main model, and we will be bringing this sexy fox around more and more. So remember the name, remember the face! We have interviewed Erika to give our readers a personable intake, and while she is very down to earth and fun, she also stands out in a crowd.

CandylandLingerie: Erika, you have had many interviews in the past. What is something we may not know about you yet?
Erika: I thrive when I’m nurturing.

CandylandLingerie: Do you have a significant other, and if so, how do you keep a healthy relationship being in an industry that has many others googling you and giving you gifts?
Erika: It takes a confident man to be comfortable with my lifestyle. I’m on an excursion for love and attempting to enjoy the journey!

Erika on set shooting 'First Kiss Parody' for
Playboy Morning Show.
CandylandLingerie: What is a typical day for you?
Erika: Every day is different! Today I started my day at Playboy TV shooting a parody for the Morning Show. Then I uploaded my new Sexpert video. I shoot two comedic Dating Advice videos a week for on top of being their spokesperson and social media manager!
(The producer of Playboy Morning Show told us the shooting was for 'First Kiss Parody' which has hit over 1 million views!)

CandylandLingerie: With such a busy lifestyle, how do you find the time to maintain a sexy body and pamper yourself before photoshoots and TV episodes?
Erika: I need my workout the moment I wake up… It’s my medicine.

CandylandLingerie: You are from Germany! What is your favorite memory about Germany, and how old were you when you moved to America?
Erika: I miss the fresh pretzel bread in the morning and family values. I moved to the states when I was 6 but went back every summer until I was 12.

CandylandLingerie: Why did you want to become a model?
Erika: When I was 12 I was a back-to-school fashion model for Dillard’s. I’m definitely an actress! When I’m doing a photo shoot, I have to tell a story.

CandylandLingerie: What are some of your favorite outfits on Candyland
Erika: I am a huge fan of the Josie DecoBlack, Skate Dress, sexy animal costumes, and love the pantyhose!!

CandylandLingerie: We have a lot of readers just hearing of you. Can you catch them up on some of the big things you do?
Erika: I create 2 comedic dating videos a week from scratch which I post on FunnyOrDie and YouTube. I have been hosting parties and promoting for and I’ll be featured in Stretch, a comedy with Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, and David Hasselhof. My new movie Stacked Racks From Mars was just released and I’m starring in Sexy Warriors, coming soon!!

As most of you know, models and actresses are unique in their own way. The Producer of the Playboy Morning Show gives us his personable comments on how Erika Jordan is unique.
"Erika has more than just good looks," he tells us. "She is very smart and witty. She is great on the fly and always brings good ideas when she is called upon. Erika is the full package of sexiness and intellect which is a treat for anyone who works with her."

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