Thursday, May 8, 2014

Never The Girl Next Door - Our New Pin-Up Dresses

Pin-Up White and Black Flower
 Cocktail Halter Dress

Always having a taste for more, Candyland Lingerie has always admired the Pin-Up style. Vintage, modern... whatever, we're a fan of it all! That is why Vice President, Janae Peterson, jumped at bringing in a brand new line of pin-up dresses when she saw them.

"Heck yeah, as soon as I found Hearts & Roses, I jumped at the opportunity!" Peterson tells us. "I love the quality, I love the patterns; I even love the vintage side-zipper these dresses offer. The popular culture style has come back and hey-- who doesn't love an independent, beautiful woman?"

"I jumped on board as soon as the samples came in," Ben Peterson, CEO of Candyland Lingerie, told us when we asked him his thoughts on the new line. "These dresses look hand made and you can't help but touch them when in front of you."
Pin-Up Black and Red Cherry
Cocktail Halter Dress

Part of's criteria for bringing in new items is making sure the product is real quality, and a customer can't help but smile when they put it on. Comfort and the way it fits to the body is also a must! After all, who wants to wear an outfit that isn't comfortable every time you put it on?!

"For us, it's not just about wanting to look beautiful for your husband when he comes home from a hard day at work, but it's about feeling happy and confident in the lingerie or outfit you're wearing," Janae explained. "We're so much more than just a lingerie company. We have a strong passion for helping others building relationships and keeping the flame burning hot between a couple,"

 These new Pin-Up dresses offered on currently offers 3 different styles (more to come!). They are long and hang below the knee. Some of them offer a pettiskirt that is sewn on the very bottom, so you don't have that kind of fabric all the way down your legs, just sewn at the bottom. Love the dress but not the pettiskirt? Just cut it off!

These are some of the best women's fashion dresses you will find. Some offer a flirty halter neck design while another offers puff sleeves. These patterns were designed to catch attention. And that is exactly what they do.
Vice President, Janae, wearing the
Pin-Up White and Red Lily
Cocktail Dress
 "When I wear these pin-up dresses out, I am getting stopped constantly so people can compliment me on the dress and ask where I got it," Janae says. "I hand them my business card and tell them, 'I sell them!'. It's a great conversation starter and I love knowing we are helping to make this world a beautiful place with beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes."

These dresses can be worn with garters and thigh highs, pantyhose, or sexy high heels. The Bettie Page Shoes are great to pair with our pin-up dresses.
 "It just completes that pin-up look that we are all looking to get just right!" Janae says. "I'm excited to offer these new dresses to our pin-up fanatics and the people who truly hold the vintage taste,"

So with a beautiful and vintage twist, we proudly announce the release of our new Pin-Up Dresses!

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