Friday, September 26, 2014

How To Wear A J. Valentine Hood - Step-by-Step Tutorial

This specific design is the
Furry White Unicorn Hood.
Our furry hoods by J. Valentine are the best you will find. They're great quality, they're extremely popular, and they're even made in the USA!

The popular question when it comes to these hoods are, "What is this thing?" as they tug on the loop in the back. And a popular comment is, "My hood isn't staying on. It keeps falling in my face!"
 We have made a great Step-By-Step Tutorial for these popular comments, and we easily answer your questions to ease the frustration. That "thing" in the back you're referring to is called the harness or anchor. This simple, yet very clever part attached to the hoods is exactly how you keep the hood on your head and even cleverly makes it so you can take the hood off your head and still wear it around without the concern of losing it or someone stealing it; And it also allows you to carry it around without using your hands!

Step 1: Put the hood on your head and put 1 arm through the loop like you would a backpack.

Step 2: Put your other arm through the other side.

Step 3: You're done! You can wear it on your head like so....

Optional: Or if you get too hot or don't want to wear the hood anymore, simply take it off the head and wear it like a hoodie.

View from Back: The harness is very cute. You can also cover it up with a wig or your long hair, jacket, shirt, or costume.

These furry hoods by J. Valentine are a clever invention, and the best part about them are they are versatile to your costumes, outfits, clubwear, and ravewear. Get too hot? Take them off without the inconvenience of carrying it around with your hands or worried about where to put it without it getting lost or stolen. Going outside and it's cold? Wear the hood and use it as a hat to keep you warm without ruining the character of your costume or outfit.

There's a reason these hoods are so popular! They truly earned their name. 

See our full collection of Hoods Here.

Happy Accessorizing!

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