Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pinup Role Model, Cherry Dollface, Gives Us A "Bettie Page" Worthy Interview!

We've had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing "Queen of Pin-Up Tutorials", Cherry Dollface. This pin-up model has helped thousands among thousands with their vintage wardrobe, pin-up hair tutorials, and even pin-up make-up tutorials on her YouTube Channel. Her talent in the pin-up industry has started from the very beginning of her career. Cherry Dollface has been on the cover of over 15 magazines. She has done cheesecake (a tear-out page meant to be "pinned-up" on the wall), editorials, and have modeled for several clothing companies, bag companies, and jewelry/accessory companies.

"I have kind of had my fingers in all pots!" Cherry tells us.

Cherry Dollface is a name that grabs attention. I don't care who you are! It sparked our curiosity so we asked her what inspired the name and how she decided to go with it instead of her real name.

"It was totally by accident!" Cherry answered. "My real name is Cherokee so Cherry was just a
Behind the scenes picture from the photoshoot.
nickname growing up-- long before the rockabilly stuff came into play. My email forever was cherrydollface because I thought it was cute. And the first magazine I was in thought it was my 'pinup' name so they published it and it stuck!"

We were excited to see the talented Cherry Dollface as a model in the newest Bettie Page Shoes by Ellie Shoes. We were blown away to hear Cherry is a personal friend of the Ellie Shoes lead shoe designer, Jose J. Palos. For those of you not familiar with Jose J. Palos yet, he's one of the best shoe designers in the industry. The preview of the new Bettie Page Shoes has the Candyland Lingerie team trembling with excitement. Year after year we would think it would be hard to come out with fresh, pin-up related styles. Ellie Shoes always delivers a slam dunk and their new styles are never a disappointment. We ask Ellie Shoes where they get their inspiration to come out with fresh, new styles. We also learned more about the talented Jose J. Palos.

"Unfortunately, I still will not be able to answer these questions nearly as well as our designer could!" Katie Bergman, Special Projects Executive at Ellie Shoes, tells Candyland Lingerie. "However, I know after speaking to [Jose J. Palos] that it all comes down to the lifestyle. He loves and breaths the lifestyle. When Bettie Page Shoes first began it was all about the crazy heels, obnoxious colors, and things that just didn't quite make sense. Finally in our fourth catalog I think the direction is much more clear. After traveling abroad, doing many tradeshows, and just getting to know the girls that wear these shoes I have come to learn that no sane woman is walking around in 6 inch platforms all day long. Most of these girls who live the pin-up lifestyle want to be cute, they want shoes that will match their dresses, and most of all they want to be comfortable! I think the new lower heels, flats, and colors have hit what all Bettie Page Shoe fans want and our designer did an outright amazing job."

"I think Bettie Page Shoes are great because they are accessible to the hardcore pinup enthusiast as well as the newer and younger girls," Cherry answers when we asked her how she feels the brand of shoes meet the pinup lifestyle. "I like that they come in all heel heights so they are a great beginner shoe!"

Cherry continues to tell us she absolutely wears the Bettie Page Shoes to match her lifestyle. "Bettie Page shoes are insanely cute, but above all they are insanely comfortable. And my lifestyle is one on the go, so there is always room for these brand of shoes!"

Cherry modeling on the Ferris Wheel in Newport Beach, California.
We asked if there was anything funny or absolutely crazy that happened on set during the photoshoot. Apparently, there was quite the story about a ferris wheel at Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach, California.
 "Well, what most people will never know about that shot is Cherry actually had to ride the Ferris Wheel in order for us to get that image," Katie Bergman shares with us. "We had chosen a particular busy day down in Balboa and the owner of the Ferris Wheel ride did not want to stop the ride and lose customers for us to shoot, so Cherry marched right on up with her $5 got on the ride and every time the wheel came around she struck a pose so our photographer could catch the shot! She worked it for the whole ride and we captured quite a few great shots during it, Cherry was such a good sport about it and it definitely provided a few laughs."

"It was the fastest ferris wheel I have ever been on!" Cherry told us when we asked her about it. "After about 15 passes, I started feeling motion sick! But the little girl in front of me kept turning around and telling her mom I looked like a mermaid." That would make any motion-sick feeling worth it!

A stunning, and favorite shot of Cherry modeling
a pair of Bettie Page Shoes.
"Cherry is AMAZING to say the very least!" Bergman told us when we asked what it was like working with Cherry Dollface on set. "She is so confident, so great on set, and so much fun! Before I started working for Ellie I had the negative conation that most models were mean girls to say the very least and it is people like Dessie first, and now Cherry that totally changed my frame of mind. Cherry knows all her angles, knows exactly what she’s doing, and knows how to make every shot great! The thing I found the most endearing about Cherry on set is that she is incredibly down to earth and she’s very goofy! Always giggling and not afraid to make an obnoxious face if it’ll provide a few laughs!"

"Ellie Shoes is equally amazing!" Cherry tells Candyland Lingerie. "The staff are all super friendly and fun. Definitely one of my favorite companies to work for. And their designer, Jose J. Palos, is insanely talented,"

Cherry Dollface also gave us her insight on what pinup is to her. "I think that pinup is whatever you want it to be. A lot of the girls that have been into it longer put on this air like pinup is some exclusive club and if you don't live it 24/7, you don't belong. I don't play into that nonsense. I think for some girls pinup is a lifestyle. And for just as many girls, pinup is a style that they enjoy but don't embrace in every aspect of life. I think both outlooks are ok as long as everyone is free and safe to explore new things. Honestly, being just one thing all day, every day is so boring!" You can see the Bettie Page Shoes Collection here.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why we love this confident, hard working pinup role model. And why she deserves to be as successful as she is today. Part of our Real Women Movement, we want everyone to recognize why confidence is sexy, and no matter what size you are, love yourself. Cherry tells all women her advice on how to keep your self-confidence high on her website blog:
"I think it is normal for all women to hate certain aspects of themselves and their bodies. I think it is especially hard when you are younger and trying to find your place in life. And also even harder because of how body and media obsessed our society is. We all have our own insecurities and the days when we just don’t want to get out of bed. It’s normal. The only thing you can do is push forward. Don’t allow yourself to self destruct." Read more on Cherry's blog!

               Go to Cherry Dollface's Website.


  1. Im dying over here looking for the yellow shoes cherry is wearing in the last picture. Any help?

    1. Great question, Katie! That is the BRAND NEW Bettie Page Shoe that hasn't been released yet, but part of the new collection. I'll send you a link as SOON as it's available!