Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Eskimo Fringe Dress - Starting the Real Women Movement

The Eskimo Fringe Dress by J. Valentine has been a favorite for many years. So if it's such a favorite, then why do we feel the need to do a write-up on it?

While we absolutely love our tiny models, we hear it over and over: "Normal women don't look like that!" Okay ladies, we HEAR you! And we support it, too. We started lining up photoshoots with "normal looking women". We are a company that refuses to let social media portray the idea that "Skinnier is better." We absolutely love curves, we love those sexy hips, we love the natural beauty that we are just born with. So let's see women that aren't a size 0. Let's see women that wear a size 8 in our costumes... and let's see women who workout and have muscles... let's see the women with curves. Times have changed... and it's time we stop with eating disorders, depression, and feeling like we're not good enough just because society says we have to look a certain way. We stand by the cultural idea that a healthy and positive body image is the body image that we want girls and women to start believing in. And Thinner is not better.

This Indian Sexy Halloween Costume has it all. The quality, the fashionable fringe, and the extremely sexy lace-up sides. This is the ideal costume to see natural beauty, as that's what the culture stands for, am I right? Haters are going to hate, but we want to be a part of something bigger... something... more meaningful. Let's just love our bodies; Let's just buy a sexy costume or lingerie outfit because we love it. Why should we have to worry that we aren't photo-shopped, we aren't a size 0 (Okay, some women are! And there's nothing wrong with that!), and some of us have those child-bearing wide hips. Time to embrace that look. Society tells us what we should look like, and a lot of us listen. Let's put an end to all that.
We stand for beauty. ALL beauty. We are going to start showing real women in our items, so keep your eyes open on our blog and on our Facebook page. Because we're going to start showing women who workout and have muscles, women who are a size 10, and women that you see every day; Beautiful women. We're going to start the Real Women movement.

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