Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There's A New Asgardian Queen In Town -- Meet Sarah Kornhauser in our Latest Interview!

If you've been following our blog as of late, then you know we are on a mission to change the view society has on a belief that "skinnier is better". We have grabbed real women to help us with this movement to let women know to be confident in a healthy body, and depression and eating disorders caused by social media opinions are no longer welcome. Then we found Sarah. And we learned what a real superhero acts like when we interviewed her.

When we first met Sarah Kornhauser, we instantly fell in love with her. She's fun, down to earth, and has a great sense of humor. One thing we absolutely love about Sarah is she's strong. We're not just talking about her appearance. To get a strong body like Sarah has, you must also be strong mentally.  Part of our 'Real Women Movement', we promised you REAL women wearing our costumes and lingerie. Sarah doesn't just fit in that category; She is also confident and gives off that "warm, fuzzy feeling" people can't get enough of when talking to her. While Sarah has the flirty and playful cockiness that we admire, she isn't the type to put herself on a pedestal just because she's sexy and has accomplished a lot. Sarah truly has the whole package, and if we look up to her, then we know a lot of other women will, too. We were very excited she gave us the opportunity for a photoshoot and an interview.

Thor. When you think of Thor, you think of strong. You think superhero. You think gods. Right?
What better way to put that into character than a fitness model? Sarah gave us her game face during this phenomenal photoshoot. She was willing to challenge herself for a beautiful shot, she stayed upbeat and positive, and she was so much fun to work with. After seeing her in this sexy costume, we will never think of Thor the same way again!

Sarah is a personal trainer. She is working towards her goal of winning her pro card and qualifying to compete in Olympia, the world's biggest bodybuilding competition.

"I love training others!" Sarah tells us. "I want to help people realize their potential. I want them to see they are stronger than they have ever imagined, whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally or all the above. Seeing people reach goals or going outside their comfort zone to experience life is amazing. Working out shouldn't be their life; It should be a tool to enjoy and make the most out of their life."

The Asgardian Queen Sexy Thor Costume is brand new for Halloween 2014, and we were so excited to see Sarah wearing it. She is absolutely everything a heroine superhero should be. It made it even better to hear she is a comic-geek herself!

"It was a blast!" Sarah told us when we asked her what it was like working on set. "Janae and Ben are awesome. We got to go 4-wheeling to a remote and breathtaking location. First spot had an unbelievable waterfall-- which I slid into before shooting even began. And it was equally breathtakingly cold!"
Janae Peterson, Vice President of Candyland Lingerie, laughed when we asked her about the incident.
 "We were all jumping from rock to rock trying to get to the spots where we would get the best shot. The rocks had wet moss layered on them which made them insanely slippery! Sarah learned the hard way... then we just learned from Sarah! She laughed it off and kept moving forward, which just shows how awesome she really is,"

The other set was at Coma Lake, which is a beautiful spot in the Colorado Mountains.
 "I can't even begin to describe our last location," Sarah tells Candyland Lingerie. "It was so blue, so beautiful and serene. I have to laugh, though, because we had spectators 'taking pictures of the lake' that just happened to have a superhero in it!"

"The spectators were hanging around and watching Sarah pose as Thor and calling her Wonder Woman!" Janae laughed. "Every time we would turn around and look at them, they would shift their camera from Sarah and pretend they were taking pictures of the lake. It was really funny!"

For part of our "Real Women Movement", we asked Sarah what her opinion on that topic is. She had a beautiful answer.
 "I think whatever the 'real' you is, you should be the best real healthy you can be. Some women are naturally thin and get a bad rap. Some are naturally more curvy. We are all unique and that's what is beautiful. Being healthy is beautiful. You can be unhealthy as a thin person or a heavy person. It should be about health, not size. I personally think muscles are beautiful and sexy, that's not a popular opinion when it comes to women. But it's how I see myself, so I try to make the best me I can,"

Bravo, Sarah! That is a great way to put it, and a great perspective. Another reason we love Sarah is she's very confident. We ask her what her secret is to being confident, and what her advice is to the women who want to build theirs. Once again, we got another fantastic answer.
 "Fake it until you make it!" Sarah told us. "I wasn't always confident, still have days here and there when confidence gets low. But the majority of the time I'm happy being me. I'm proud of what I've become as a woman and where I'm going-- And I think that shows. When you are genuinely happy, it effects your outlook on life, and effects how others view you. People want to be around happy people. I will say it has become easier to love myself the older I have gotten."

Sarah recognizes that we as women have a tendency to hate on each other instead of building each other up. "Real women support each other," she tells us. "There is a quote: A flower doesn't think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. I love that saying. We can all be the best us we can be and still be happy for others. Another beautiful woman doesn't make you less beautiful; It just makes the world more beautiful".

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