Wednesday, October 8, 2014

4 Tips To Keep Your Romance Alive & Sizzling!

Keeping your romance alive after a few years of marriage can be hard. Once the newness goes away, couples often think something is wrong with either themselves or their relationship.

We have done some research, reading up on secrets to better sex, and have even done some experimenting ourselves to see what truly does work. These are the things we've tried to sizzle up a marriage and bring back those sexually satisfying feelings.

Sizzle Tip 1: Go Out On Dates
We found that going out on one-on-one dates was extremely successful. If you have kids, leave them with a babysitter and take time to reconnect with your lover. Order a bottle of wine and even share dessert. Always make time for each other, and even try taking turns planning a date night to make it exciting and to show your lover that you want to take time to plan something special just for them.

Sizzle Tip 2: Do Some Chores
Picking up on doing dishes or laundry once in a while, or something as simple as putting the kids to bed shows your lover that you notice how hard he/she works and you want to help lift some weight off their shoulders and relieve some stress.

Sizzle Tip 3: Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together
Find activities that you can both do together. During our research and experimenting, we found 'Date Night at the Gym' was very successful. Exercise creates endorphins and makes you feel good that you're taking care of yourself. Workout partners also create a bond that helps each other get through things: Through a run, a push through a rep, etc. Plus eating healthier and moving daily will allow you to have more energy for sex.

Sizzle Tip 4: Wear Something Sexy
If there's one thing we know-- it's lingerie! Wearing something sexy when he comes home from a hard day at work or walking into the bedroom in sexy negligee after you've relaxed in the bath will instantly spark that sexual desire.

It's true that a lot of couples think that if you have to work at your relationship that something is wrong with them... but smart couples know that long-term relationships require effort-- which means finding things that make it sizzle!

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