Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dating Advice From Sexpert, Erika Jordan!

Let's face it, we could always use advice on dating and tips in the bedroom! Sexpert, Erika Jordan, gives us advice and bedroom no-no's in this week's article. So let's polish up our knowledge for keeping our relationships hot and sizzling! We always can count on Erika for an article that is not just helpful, but a little comical to keep it fun.

Dressing the part throws an extra thrill to the equation! If you're new to lingerie and don't even know where to begin-- NO PROBLEM! We have your back and Erika gives you tips on how to get started.

"Don't be afraid to lock yourself up in a dressing room and try on 100 different items," Erika jordan tells us. "Feeling sexy is the first step to being sexy. Enhance your best feature and cover your worst!"

If you believe your arms are your worst feature, then try on lingerie that has flutter sleeves. If you believe your stomach to be your worst feature, then try on some bustiers and corsets. If you have a great butt, then wear a lingerie set with a thong and thigh highs! Complete the set with an ultra sexy pair of sexy high heels.

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We get readers that absolutely love lingerie, but their lovers don't enjoy it on you as long as you would like. We asked Erika her advice on some playful things to try in lingerie to help keep it on longer and build the sexual tension.

"Start doing everyday things in lingerie!! Wearing thigh highs and a garter while doing laundry is sure to get attention..."

There are definitely some things that are a big NO-NO in the bedroom! So what is Erika's advice on killer moments -- what NOT to do? To some people it's just common sense, but you will be surprised how often it really happens!

Bedroom Mistake #1: Farting On Purpose.
Bedroom Mistake #2: Not asking her if she likes to be slapped before slapping her in the face.
Bedroom Mistake #3: Comparing Someones Technique.

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