Monday, December 15, 2014

You Are Enough! - Plus Size Model Ruby Roxx Interview

Every day gets harder and women hate themselves more and more because we live in a world where social media pushes on us that "Skinnier is better". We have made it our goal to go against that and let women know that we're ALL beautiful. A size 14 is just as beautiful as someone who is a size 4. And a woman who is naturally a size 0 is just as beautiful as a woman who is naturally a size 10 and so on and so forth. We are all different. This is what makes this world such a beautiful place. Take that society!

We teamed up with Plus Size Model and Owner/Editor in Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine, Ruby Roxx, to help us spread our 'Real Women Movement': A movement we started just this year to help spread awareness that all women of all sizes are beautiful, and social media needs to be showing more than just women who are an unnaturally smaller size.

Ruby Roxx is a plus model based out of Vancouver BC, Canada. She has been modeling for 7 years and along the way has accomplished some amazing things, personally and professionally.

"My career has grown in ways I never could have dreamed," Ruby tells Candyland Lingerie. "I have worked with some of my idols both locally and internationally, my confidence has boosted, and I hope that I have helped others with their confidence."

 Ruby tells us about how she started her own magazine, Beauty Mark Magazine
"The magazine focuses on finding beauty in our differences, and what makes us unique, rather than idealized forms of beauty that you find in most main stream media,"

Ruby informs us that she has been all shapes and sizes in her life.
 "In high school I was a size 6 or 8 and I always thought I was too fat. However, I was constantly dieting, and not in a healthy way, and generally, quite miserable. I am 5'10 so I would see a number on a scale, that was 30 pounds over my friends who were 5'2, and thought I should be their weight. So therefore, I thought I was reality, that weight was too small for me! I couldn't maintain it without being extremely unhealthy,"

Ruby continued to discuss what is a touchy subject to most, and what a lot of women want to comprehend but have a hard time believing it.
 "Everyone is different!  Some people my height and size would have been thrilled back then, and due to different body types and metabolisms, might have been very healthy.  I on the other hand was not.  My confidence was SO low, and I was unhappy,"

Miss Ruby tells Candyland Lingerie during the interview that after high school, and once she started modeling, she realized that smaller doesn't necessarily mean better.
 "I realized that I could eat a burger now and then, or eat pasta (my fave) for dinner, and I would gain some weight, but that didn't matter.  I was happy.  I was social.  I was doing and eating what I loved, in moderation or course, and it didn't make me unhealthy.  It made me happy.  My natural body shape is curvy.  I am now a size 12, and it feels right for me.  To be smaller would be unnatural, and very hard to maintain for me.  I now live my life in moderation.  I indulge when I want, I work out when I can, and I am happy, healthy, and feel beautiful on the inside and out. My curves are what makes me unique, and every good time I've had that may have added to a curve here and there, or every yoga class that toned them, I am thankful for and wouldn't trade for the world.  My boyfriend loves my curves, but more importantly, I do too."

Candyland Lingerie recognized immediately that Ruby Roxx is a well known plus size model that so many women view as role model. And it's exactly the kind of role model every girl and woman needs in her life because not only does Ruby get the whole "Skinner is NOT better", but she was a victim to the low confidence and being unhealthy to be part of the fad, but she OVERCAME all of it and embraced the beautiful body she had and became happy for who she was.
 "YOU ARE ENOUGH!" Ruby tells all the girls and women who don't feel they are. "You are no less worthy of happiness at a size 16 then you are at a size 3.  Your worth is not determined by the number on a scale.  That measures your skin, bones, and organs.  It doesn't measure how you make someone feel, or how your eyes sparkle.  It doesn't measure how you made your best friend laugh, or how you smiled at the stranger on the street and made their day.  THOSE are the things that make us beautiful, not the size of your waist, or your bra size.  If you are beautiful on the inside, it will shine through on the outside!"

If Ruby Roxx wasn't perfect enough, she for sure had us wrapped around her finger as soon as we saw all of the lingerie she wore in her modeling pictures.
 "I love lingerie!" she tells Candyland Lingerie. "It is my favourite thing to shoot in!  It gives me confidence.  I love the shape it gives.  I love the feeling of being laced into a corset, or the feeling of satin against my skin.  It makes me feel sexy so that I can rock it for the camera!  Not to mention, my fans love seeing a curvy girl in lingerie!  It shows then that anyone can look and feel beautiful in anything they want!  Its all a state of mind."

Ruby is exactly the type of person we want to represent our Real Women Movement. She had a hard time accepting her size when she was growing up because of her natural size like so many women out there are, and she overcame the fact that skinnier isn't better, and her curves make her unique, beautiful, and super sexy. And she models that beauty and continues to help girls and women build their self-esteem... and let's them know they ARE enough. That is exactly the Real Women Movement that we're trying to spread.

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