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Zapp Into Valentine's Day - Dating Advice and About Lingerie with Johnny and Anna

Johnny and Anna
  We have been surprising a lot of our readers with the excitement of "not your typical article" by us. We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback, and we decided that we like getting out of our "realm" as you may call it, and posting articles for our readers that continue to please every time. For Valentine's Day and to celebrate the month of love, we have yet another twist for you.

 We recently crossed paths with a man that just gets it when it comes to lingerie and love. We learned very quickly that no matter what subject you talk about with him, he always ends up bringing up his wife into the conversation. And we found out very quickly that this sizzling relationship is like a connect-the-dots game---which they are VERY good at with each other.

Meet Johnny Zapp, the editor and creator of The Chivalrous Life, an educational blog with a refreshing and unique twist about lingerie from a man's view point, as well as the importance of being passionate and chivalrous with each other, just because. You may hear this over and over again from a man, "I don't see the purpose of lingerie because it won't stay on long,"
 Johnny knows this all too well, as he thought like that when he was much younger. Now, Johnny explains that lingerie literally means underwear or intimate apparel.
"So your daily essentials? Bras and panties? That's lingerie," Johnny tells Candyland Lingerie. "I am 38 and have been with my wife for six years now and she is the first woman I have bought lingerie, dresses, and shoes for and I am hooked!"
Anna did a Boudoir photoshoot as a gift to Johnny.
 Johnny continues to explain that most men and women think lingerie means something "naughty" or sexy strictly for the purpose of sex.

 "One of the things I had noticed about my wife when we were dating and after we had become intimate was that her lingerie always coordinated with her outer clothes. She took great care every morning selecting each piece from inside out and it was really quite sexy. I had never bought lingerie for a woman before because I always thought of it as for a bedroom and really kind of a selfish thing for a man to do. It's like 'here, put this on for me,'. We had been together for about two years and I made a comment to her about how much I love how she coordinates her bras and panties and how they are always so cute and sexy. She replied by coyly saying how she’d love it if I bought her some sometime and it was on! It was a new addiction! In order for a woman to feel sexy in the bedroom, she should feel sexy all day. And her wearing sexy and comfortable lingerie all day really helps. And if you, as her man, picked it out and bought it for her? Well, than you, too, should feel great for contributing to that swagger in her step, you know? The main thing is to think of her."
We asked Johnny to give us his expert opinion to give to men who don't really know what to look for when it comes to lingerie and where they should start.

 "I really think it comes down to paying attention to your lady," he starts. "Watch her get ready for work in the morning. When shopping together in clothes stores give her the ole "Hey, what do you think of that?" if you see something nice. You should also really know her personality and what she likes and dislikes. She has to be comfortable, too! As for sizing, all you have to do is look through her drawer and see what sizes she's wearing and start there. Know her body type, also!"

The Chivalrous wife, Johnny's other half, Anna, describes Johnny as sweet, super creative, thoughtful, romantic and very much a gentleman to her and all the other women in his life meaning his daughter, mom, and even his wife's friends.
Johnny and Anna have been married for almost 2 1/2 hears and they dated for 3 1/2 before that.
 "I wanted to do things different with Anna," Johnny tells Candyland Lingerie. "We dated very literally in the traditional sense. Right about 1 year in, I knew she was the one. So for each and every day between year 1 and year 2, 365 days, I wrote her a letter. I had bought a couple journal type books and wrote to her in them. Could be about my day that day, our evening the night before...whatever was on my mind but always about how in love with her I was/am. She had no idea I was doing this. Then at day 365, I wrote the last letter, found a really nice sterling silver box that I had engraved to her from me, put the books and a card in it and a lock on it and gave it to her. I told her that it would all make sense soon enough and then I continued saving cash for a ring for the next 2 months.

Then when the moment was right, one day, I snuck into her condo while she was at work and I had hundreds of glow in the dark stars. I spelled out "Marry Me?" with them on the ceiling above her bed. I had gotten a key ring with a giant fake diamond ring on it and put the key to the box on it and hung it from the door knob on the door she enters the condo from in the garage. We met at her place that night and I asked her if she wanted to look at the stars....I covered her eyes, walked her to her bedroom, laid her down with her eyes still covered with an eye mask, I grabbed the engagement ring I had been saving for, told her to open her eyes and she saw the stars and I gave her the ring. She cried and said YES and then I had her open the box with the letter books which was also laying on the bed."

"Johnny is always full of surprises," Anna tells us her side of the story. "We had talked about getting married, and part of that discussion included achieving some individual financial goals before we took that next step. Little did I know, Johnny had achieved his and had also saved up and bought me a ring while I was still working on mine.

It was a Friday night, we were going to meet up at my place and Johnny said he had a surprise for me.  Johnny was already there when I got home and when I walked in, I thought my surprise was that he had cleaned my house for me! He asked if I had seen the stars yet, and I said no.  He put a blindfold on me, which I thought was strange, and then proceeded to guide me to my bedroom (I’m sure you can imagine what I was thinking then!).  He guided me over to the bed, and had me lay right in the middle.  When he took the blindfold off of me, the room was dark, but when I looked up, there were glow-in-the-dark stars all over my ceiling.  The ones right above the bed spelled out “Marry Me”.  I was in complete shock, and in my head I kept thinking, this must be a joke or something, because I thought we were both still working on our goal.  Then he brought out the ring and asked me.  I started crying, and he had to say “Well?”.  Obviously, I said yes, and the rest is history."

The more we talked to Anna, the more we saw of her the part that Johnny fell so deep in love with. She is quite funny, and her responses to some of the questions we asked her had us laughing.

Kix'ies Thigh Highs is the brand new line that Candyland Lingerie brought in to add to our collection. Johnny spills the beans during our conversation we were having that the packaging for the sizes C and D are in fact, his wife, Anna! As her husband would describe, those are some sexy legs! So naturally, we had to ask her about it. Her response? Epic!
Anna models her legs for the
Kix'ies packaging in sizes
C and D.
 "That was supposed to be a secret!!!  No, I have never done any modeling before that, and I think it was probably a one-time deal.  But I absolutely LOVE Kix’ies, and Samantha DeMartini is pretty amazing as well.  When Samantha asked Johnny if I might be interested in modeling the size Cs, I agreed as long as my face wouldn't be in the pictures.  It also helped that my husband was the photographer.  Don’t get me wrong - I’m not ashamed of my face, my legs, or Kix’ies, but I have a very corporate job and I just didn't want it getting around. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now."

We ask Anna what her favorite piece of lingerie is and why.
 "My all-time favorite item is the boyshort. Whether it's a seamless, sheer boyshort under slacks, a lacy boyshort with a dress, or a comfy cotton boyshort for lounging around. I think the cut is super flattering on my “softer” curves, which means my belly, hips and butt. When I pair those with a matching bra and nice outfit, I always feel confident and sexy. I have plenty of other lingerie, both for daily wear and just for fun, and I love it all; but if I had to pick one thing, boyshorts are it."
We ask Johnny how he and Anna keep the fire sizzling hot and the romance spicy. He had a lot of great tips to say on the subject.
 "People always say relationships are hard and I have to disagree," Johnny says. "If you are with the right person, it’s effortless. You just have to appreciate each other and remember the little things. As for keeping the fire sizzling, I think a lot of men out there just go for it, you know? Maybe they don’t kiss their woman unless they want or expect sex. I think foreplay starts when you open your eyes in the morning and builds all day. Things like leaving a note in his or her lunch, sending a text message that simply says “I love you,” telling them how sexy they look before they walk out the door, having a nice meal cooked and waiting for the other one if you make it home first. Walk by her in the morning while she’s getting her make up on, put your hand on her hip and gently kiss her neck and shoulder, then keep walking."

Johnny tells us the most important one to never give up on is keep dating each other! Continue to ask him or her out on a regular basis and date in the traditional sense.
 "Get dressed up for each other and go on dates. I still date my wife. She will always be my girlfriend. I know these things don’t sound hot and steamy but let me tell ya….it’s all about staying in tune with one another and being nice all day long, not just expecting to jump her bones the second you see her and then have her throw together a steak dinner with all the fixings for you. If you flirt back and forth and do these things all day long, there will be nights when you rip each other’s clothes off the minute you walk in the door and then put down a kick-ass steak dinner. Trust me."

So we end this super romantic article with some Real Women Movement advice from Anna to help
women with low confidence to understand they are beautiful.

 "I would be lying if I said I have never felt self-conscious about my body, or wished I were a smaller size or in better shape.  However, I have never fallen victim to feeling like I need to be size 2 (or even a size 6 for that matter). I’m a short 5’3” and I have a larger chest, so I always knew if I was super-thin, I would look disproportionate.  When I was in the best shape of my life I was about a size 10, right now, I’m about a 14.  Over the years I have gone up and down in weight and size, and when I was young, I would get really discouraged and upset when a certain size of clothing didn't fit me. Instead of trying on bigger clothes, I would leave the mall in tears and feel really bad about myself.  Probably about my mid-twenties, I figured out that when I would just buy cute clothes that fit (no matter what size they were), I looked and felt a lot better.  I think it is so sad when girls and women fall prey to the images they see in the media, I feel like everyone should know by now those pictures are completely photoshopped and almost none of them are real.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be in better shape or getting healthier, but healthy still comes in all shapes and sizes, and when you learn to dress and accept the body you have, you can feel beautiful and confident not matter what size you are."

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