Friday, April 10, 2015

Body Positive - Why It's Such A Hot Topic

Don't bring one body type down to bring
another type up and act like its body positive. 
Being body positive is a hot topic these days. Why is that? Because either people aren't getting it or because our world is so hopped up on women needing to look a certain way. It's human nature to be naturally cruel to each other, when what we really need to do is work on building each other up. Candyland Lingerie's Real Women Movement campaign needs to take hold, and even though some of these big corporations think they're doing us a favor in holding an "All Types of bodies" campaign, they're really not body positive. They advertise for women to be a bust size D and a size 16 or whatever -- that's not "All Bodies" and it's not body positive. What about the women who are a size 16 and wear an 'A' cup? Or they're a size 2 with AA's. It keeps going... and going... and going. Because everyone is different, and there are all types of bodies. There isn't a "One Size Fits All", and in our opinion, we're GLAD there's not!

As Ruby Roxx, plus model and Editor in Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine, puts it, "The body positive movement is a wonderful thing, but bringing one body type down to bring another up is NOT body positive. Calling a skinny girl a scrawny stick to make a plus size girl feel better is not ok. Calling a plus size girl lazy and uncaring to make a slim girl feel better is not ok. These women are our sisters, friends, daughters, and mothers."

I recently read an article stating why marriages don't work out these days. It explains that not only are people so fixated on technology (watching TV and always on their phones or reading on their iPads). They text instead of talking face to face, they can see so many people naked on the internet that having a naked "regular" significant other at home isn't that special anymore. And now we have to fight for body positivity? No wonder we're so messed up in the head thinking that skinnier is better, blemishes shouldn't exist, we shouldn't have freckles, my boobs should be bigger, my butt should be rounder, my stomach should be flatter, and I'm going to make everyone around me feel ugly so I can feel pretty.

True beauty lies within... and yeah, yeah. We've all heard that. Maybe we heard that so much that it lost its meaning. So when we say it again. We want you to really let it sink in and think about what that means. TRUE BEAUTY LIES WITHIN

Bullying in the schools are so bad; What about bullying in the adult world and even when you walk in clothing stores. You could walk in a clothing store and if they don't have a plus size section or options for the woman who can't put on weight, they might as well look at them and say, "Yeahhh, you're not welcome here. We don't sell clothes for YOUR type,". Most places have a target audience. The one thing we promised ourselves when we opened what we don't target a specific type. Or even better, we target everyone, because everyone matters and all women deserve love, respect, and to feel beautiful no matter what their size or shape.

So please continue to help us spread the word on our Real Woman Movement and remind everyone out there to stay body positive. You are enough!

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