Monday, August 17, 2015

Baby Got Feedback! - Elegant Moments Lingerie

The Summer is slipping away and so is year 2015. Hard to believe, isn't it? So I feel this blog post would behoove you to learn about one of our best selling lines, Elegant Moments.
[Good Lord, did she just say behoove? Go ahead... google it... I'll wait...]
 This collection of lingerie is not only incredibly cute for any woman, but it's affordable! Their low prices make creating special moments while looking hot do-able! And THAT is why Elegant Moments is on everyone's list.

We are always receiving feedback on our products and for the most part, it's positive. We all love that kind of feedback, don't we? Part of our reviews is our customers almost didn't want to waste time or money and buy the lingerie set but went through with it anyway and was so happy that they did. We get that! Who wants to psych themselves up for some new and awesome lingerie and when they try it on it's all wrong? BOO! So let's talk about some of our most loved and favorite Elegant Moments lingerie according to our customers.

We post a lot about our Stretch Lace Cami and Booty Shorts because of its popularity. You'll want a few different pairs. Why? Because this lingerie is like a good orgasm... you don't want just one! It comes in black and red and is a One Size Standard or One Size Queen. Its stretchy material forms to different body shapes and you can wear it under just about anything... and wear it to bed, too!

Almost everyone adores polka dots! And between pin-up style and garter belts coming back into style, this Polka Dot Satin Bra and Garter Belt Set tops the cake. The shoulder straps and garter straps can be removed and the white satin bows adds that finishing touch. The matching g-string completes this 3-piece lingerie set.

Don't forget about those Teddy Lingerie Sets. They're sexy. Popular. And they will give him some serious whiplash! Our Black Lace Teddy Lingerie is truly a go-getter. This wins him over every time and will make any woman feel extremely sexy. I feel Elegant Moments did a great job accessorizing to really pull the look together and shows just how dressed up you can get.

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