Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shame on You for Body Shaming - Featuring Ruby Roxx and Cherry Dollface

It's sad that there has to be so many Body Positive Movements out there to help women get over the body shamers. started the #RealWomenMovement and is trying to get it into motion to help women know they're not alone and mean words are simply just that... words.

One of the pictures the community page used with
hateful captions and comments.
 Recently, there has been a community page on Facebook that has been photoshopping pictures of plus size models into smaller sizes with captions such as "Less weight, less fabric needed to clothe you!" and "She looks so much better!" Other posts consist of angry-directed face posts such as "I've been receiving so many messages and comments...from skinny HATERS..." and "I AM HERE TO HELP THESE MISGUIDED WOMEN!" and hateful posts that we chose not to publish. This page is hating against everyone who is Skinny Shaming and in return, they are body shaming bigger sizes.

No publicity is bad publicity as they say, which is why we decided not to use the name of this specific community page in this article. There are thousands of websites, pages, and even unhappy people out there body shaming one size or another... so this article is meant for all body shaming pages or websites out there making women feel bad about themselves.

Ruby Roxx, a plus size model located in Van Couver, ended up on this community Facebook page.

"At first I thought, what the hell?!" Ruby answered when we asked about it. "I have never been small framed, so for me to look like the altered image would mean I was deathly ill or not eating,"

Ruby Roxx's picture that was taken and used on the community
 Facebook page to body shame her.
Ruby Roxx opens up about her anxiety and depression which is something she never has done before. Being open and honest about these things doesn't make a person weak, but actually makes them stronger because it takes more courage to admit you have these things.

"It's never easy to hear negative things about yourself or things you cannot change," Ruby tells us. "I suffer from depression and anxiety and this really threw me into a downward spiral,"

Lucky for Ruby, she has a strong support system and thousands of people who look up to her and admire her beautiful pictures. Her profession is a model and body shamers can still make her feel bad about herself. So Candyland Lingerie asked how she pushes through it to help these girls who don't know how to move forward from it.

"This is the first time I spoke about my anxiety and depression publicly," she tells us but feels it will help girls out there who suffer from the same feelings. "People who suffer from these issues cannot simply just pull themselves together. Seeing the hateful comments on my picture such as "Disgusting" put me into a deep, downward spiral, and to be honest, I'm still not really over it,"

Ruby's support system includes her boyfriend, family, friends and even her Facebook fans.

She worked at putting an end to this page once she found it and all her hard work and determination paid off. The pages were removed.

"Yes, that page was expressing their opinion, but at what cost? What they were doing, simply put, is cyber bullying and it needs to stop,"

Ruby Roxx during one of her Pin-Up Photoshoots by Pin-Up Perfection Photography

"They not only shame women for their bodies but also their lack of potential, how happy they think they would be if they were slimmer, how they would look younger, or be more successful. That is crap. I reminded myself that looking a certain way doesn’t equal all these things, and I am doing JUST fine in the body that I am in.  I reminded myself of all I had accomplished, all the wonderful things in my life, and most importantly, all the things I love about myself."

Ruby is not only a successful plus size model, but she also owns Beauty Mark Magazine, a magazine created to help people everywhere realize their own unique beauty, and that beauty comes in all shapes, and sizes, and isn't just restricted to the idealized forms of beauty most of us see in main stream media all over the world. Yeah... I'd say she is doing JUST fine in the body that she is in. Way to go, Ruby!

Cherry Dollface
"The thing is, there's always going to be assholes. There just is," Bluntly said by public figure and the queen of pin-up hair and make-up tutorials (see her YouTube Channel Here), Cherry Dollface. "There's always going to be bullies. But the best thing the bullied can do is to turn it around. Get strength from those people. If they tell you you can't do something, do it 12 times better. If they tell you you are worthless, show them your worth. I got bullied growing up a ton and I took all of that pain and insecurity and I let it fuel me and make me stronger. Now it's all of those same bullies that try to friend me on Facebook because now they think I am cool and I get the sweet feeling of hitting the deny button. If you let them get you down, you are letting them win!"

That Shaming Community Page had hurtful comments such as She could eat a few less cheeseburgers!
"I don't think anyone has the right to comment on anyone else's size, shape, height, weight, sex, or anything else that isn't their business." Cherry Dollface tells Candyland Lingerie. "I think the same is true if someone saw a skinny girl and said she needed to eat more cheeseburgers. They need to focus on themselves and figure out why they feel the need to judge others so harshly."

Cherry Dollface posts a "Deed of the Week" on her Facebook page to help spread the kindness. We asked her what she hopes to accomplish by posting it.

"Just hoping that people will be a little bit nicer and more thoughtful. There are already enough assholes out there"

Cherry's official Facebook page also posts "Before and After" pictures, but they are along some very different lines.
A screen shot from the official Cherry Dollface Facebook page. A before picture showing them before
Cherry gives them a make over and an after picture with their pin-up style make-up and hair finished. All
completed with a positive and feel-good caption.
So ladies, stay strong and stick to a strong support system... even seek professional help if needed. There will always be mean people out there but those are the people who are fighting with some hateful feelings within themselves.

Help us spread the love and kick start our movement by putting #RealWomenMovement in the caption of your pictures and let's change the view of society... or at least help save a life or two!


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