Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Costume Photoshoot with Candyland Lingerie

Merry Christmas from Candyland Lingerie!

All the models with the owners of Candyland Lingerie and the Clydesdale and Donkey from The Covered Bridge Ranch

So here's a fun post for you guys. A couple weeks ago, my good friend, Austine, sent me a text. You would really like her, she's very down to earth and serious about her goals. Anyway, she is going to school to be a photographer. You should seriously see this chick in action, she's way creative! Part of Austine's class assignment is they want them to think like a photographer. So in their classes, they are assigned as a travel photographer doing pieces within their town. Austine was asked to do a photoshoot of a local business in her town. So she chose us!

Behind the Scenes of the photoshoot
I was psyched! Heck yeah we want to do a photoshoot! Immediately, our gears started turning and one idea led to another. I posted on my personal Facebook for some friends that wanted to model in our Christmas Costumes. Not professional models and I didn't care what size or age they were to help us push our Real Women Movement. The slots filled within a matter of minutes. We had dress rehearsal shortly after, which also gave the girls a chance to get to know each other before the shoot. We figured out what girls wore what, and Austine informed them of the details.

A couple days later was the day of the photoshoot! Jessica at the Estee Lauder make-up counter inside of Bealls was so helpful and detailed. While there wasn't anybody scheduled for that day/time of the photoshoot, 2 women from the make-up counter worked around our schedule. It was amazing to see them come together like that. The models showed up for their make-up and the ladies at Estee Lauder worked their magic.

Photoshoot time came and all the models looked beautiful. It was snowing through the whole shoot. We met up at The Covered Bridge Ranch. They have a pumpkin patch for Halloween and Tree Farm at Christmas time. They have a ton of activities around the Holidays. They were amazing to work with. Austine set it all up. I was very impressed!

 As part of Candyland Lingerie's Real Women Movement, we want to push real women doing some pretty awesome things.

I want to start with Maggi because we started with her individual photos. Her red hair inspired us to put her in our Rudolph Romper, Jingle Bell Tutu, Red/White Deluxe Santa hat, and we accessorized with the Nude colored Kix'ies Thigh Highs, and the 517-Claissa Velvet Booties. Maggi is very fun, young-hearted, and she knows how to have fun on a photoshoot. We took some great shots of her. You would never guess she has a baby at home whom she still nurses!

Lyndi works at a local salon. She also helps with many church events and her, her husband, and her little girl are on a waiting list to adopt! Lyndi is a very chill person. She is very fun, and is happy to try different poses to get a great shot. We chose the Metallic Candy Cane Dress for her specifically because of her hair. We accessorized with the Black Kix'ies Thigh High with Back Seam and our Sexy Plush Santa High Heels. If I didn't know any better, I would think they were made just for her!

Mellanie works for a local dentist and she has 4 kids! 1 pair of twins. You wouldn't have guessed, right? She wore our Snowman Mini Dress and Snowman Hood. We paired the outfit with our White Polka Dot Kix'ies Thigh Highs and the Silver Glitter Bettie Page High Heels.

Michaela played the part of The Grinch really well! We put her in our brand new Christmas Grouch Hooded Romper Costume and paired her with the fabulous Argyle Kix'ies Thigh Highs. We put her in Black Leather Knee High Boots to bring together the "bad girl" look. Austine made her look sneaky or naughty in all the shots to bring the character to life.

We laughed a lot. We wandered into the barn where The Covered Bridge Ranch usually holds Wreath Decorating and took a few pictures in there. We had the ladies tie up the grinch! They had just about enough of her naughty behavior!

It turned into an awesome day, and it was great to get to know the ladies in a fun, playful environment!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Candyland Lingerie team!

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